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One Mi means 

New day

in thai

welcome to a new day

My journey to a healing art practice began in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2016 where I studied and became certified in the ancient system of Traditional Northern Thai Bodywork with Master Sinchai Sukparsert. The method utilizes a pulse technique to relieve muscle tension, assisted stretches to loosen connective tissue and pressure points along the ‘sip sen’, meaning ‘energy lines’, to Improve circulation and energy flow. It is a comprehensive system that addresses mind, body and spirit. The experience is both physiologically practical and relieving as well as psychically rejuvenating. Thai bodywork is specifically designed to relax your body while stimulating your energy. 

Next, I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to study with Erminia Ortega Velazco and her family of healers. Their intuitive practice is fundamentally based on Language of the Body, the seminal published work by bioenergetic pioneer Alexander Lowen. This work connects the psyche directly to and through the body as it relates to personal experience. Erminia's story as a healer is astonishing and my brief study with her was transformative. I have copies of her own book, FORTALEZA, and would be happy to lend them to anyone. It is written in Spanish.

Each session is unique and specific to your needs at the time. Because my work is fueled and informed by intuition as much as it is learned modalities, I have never given the same session twice. 

I look forward to seeing you.



60 Minute Sessions

Studio Session - $145

In-Home Session - $225

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90 Minute Sessions

Studio Session - $185

In-Home Session - $275

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