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New Day 

Welcome. I'm so happy you found me. 

The foundation of my practice is Traditional Northern Thai Bodywork mastered by Sinchai Sukparset in Thailand. Master Sinchai worked with doctors at the Chiang Mai University Hospital using and modifying this ancient technique for physically therapeutic benefits. He also named my practice when I completed training with him. ONE MI is the phonetic pronunciation of the word in Thai that means New Day.

While the physical realm is an important aspect of being, I take your whole organism into consideration to relax as well as stimulate your body, mind and spirit. Assisted stretches, muscle tension release, pressure points for improved circulation and specific music curation create a sense of real connection to the self and your original source.

Practically speaking, our human bodies need much care and upkeep for the wear and tear of life but I approach each session with an essential lesson from American philosopher, Wayne Dyer -

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body 

rather than a body with a soul.”

Visit me and I will take care of both.

- Leslie Lyons


60 Minute Sessions

Studio Session - $110

In-Home Session - $175

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90 Minute Sessions

Studio Session - $140

In-Home Session - $225

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